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Instructables for the SteamPunk in you!

SteamPunk Do It Yourself community
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steampunk design and creation
this community is mainly for do it your self stuff like found on say instructables. However we are not limiting it to that so if you have something that is a bit goth or for sale please post it here. there will be a site set up separately to make looking around for stuff easier as we get more and more entries. things for sale will not be listed but sites selling stuff will be (since people make stuff and then stop and start up again sometimes) if you want to post a link please be sure it is appropriate and you have permission to do so from the site owner and same goes for pictures. there will be moderation but this is not to keep you from posting cool stuff that we may not particularly like but rather to keep out the SPAM. you know what I am talking about. sating sites or those stupid pharmacy things definitely should show you what I mean though just in case you were wondering. I will update this more later
:latest update: 9/21/2008(the web page link is just for now as this will change when an official group page is set up and should have a forum then too)