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coming soon DIY plans

though not of the steampunk variety specifically, these plans from the F.I.R.E. org. (Foundation for Interplanetary Research and, Exploration) will show how to use sunlight, simple supplies like MDF and aluminum foil, or cut old mirrors, to reflect this light all into one place in your backyard, to melt down metals and even stones, build an isolation chamber around your focal point so you can smelt down things like sand and prep it to be used for making solar cells, and build generators that use no permanent magnets yet work better than the ones that use expensive rare earth magnets, from stuff like dead inline skates, and general hardware store supplies!

you can follow us (I am a member of F.I.R.E.) more closely here:
F.I.R.E.(Foundation for Interplanetary Research and Exploration)

if you need a steampunk reason, imagine melting all those scrap brass keys down in your back yard with stuff you can get out of the kitchen, and from a hardware store, and no fossil fuels needed or electricity to heat it. (remember to stay upwind of any melting brass, as zinc boils off of it and can make you sick if you breath it)

Sep. 10th, 2012

Last night I started the task of cleaning out my Vintage/Antique books and sewing patterns. I made it through 1 shelf.

I am offering quite a few books and ORIGINAL patterns from the 1870s-1880s for sale. I am asking below what they sell for on ebay. I have them listed in my ETSY SHOP.

I am willing to give a 10% discount if you would like to skip etsy and just use paypal. Items are shipped within 48 hrs of receipt of payment.

Feel free to ask any questions!

New Here!!

I'm new and I come with a steamy find I'd like to diy fixup.

I found these in an antique shop today! Very vintage and reminiscent of aviators. They are in mostly good condition but obviously a bit old.
Was wondering if anyone could place these time frame wise or offer any tips on restoring them. They don't need much, some basic polishing and tightening/straightening. I'm not expecting much, they were 8 bucks...but I am curious! And would like to know before I work on them as I'd also like to replace a mildly cracked nose piece and paint or remove the awful pink rubber.
Stay steamy y'all!

(And let me know if that pic is too big)

Steamy Antler Bustle

one of a kind fringed bustle! <3

See it on etsy!

New Years Free Shipping Coupon Code!

Happy New Year!
Free shipping within the US (and some Canada, please inquire) with coupon code FREESHIPNEWYEAR2012 Free shipping available on all items (including rugs!) except Furniture (for obvious reasons). Sale ends 1.1.12 at 11:59pm EST Feel free to ask questions!

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I have several handmade clothing items as well as a few antique ones!

10% off until Friday Dec. 23rd with coupon code MERRYXMAS2011 Still time to order for Christmas! Place order by 4pm EST Tuesday Dec. 20th, and I will ship your item via USPS Priority, you should receive it by Friday Dec. 23rd!
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I have quite a few Steamy goodies just added to my shop!

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